The Artists' Quarter

Were you there?

Jazz is there and gone. It happens. You have to be present for it. That simple.

-Keith Jarrett

The sophisticated cool of New York City met Midwest friendliness and warmth at the Artists’ Quarter, where jazz as a pure, authentic, and essential art form was always the headliner.

From the 1970s in Minneapolis to New Year’s Eve 2013, the Artists' Quarter - listed in Downbeat magazine as one of the top 100 Greatest Jazz Clubs in the world - was a unique place in the Midwest; a musician-owned club, an incubator of young talent, a place to showcase, experiment, and be part of the local, national, and international jazz scene.

10 years after its closing, we're telling the tale of the people, the music, and a singular jazz club that had outsized influence and impact over an entire generation.


Here’s a wacky memory.

Back at the Fifth and Jackson venue, I played a night or two with drummer Dave King and pianist Ethan Iverson. I guess I can say that for a very short time, I was the bass player in what became the Bad Plus. Congratulations, fellas. I had a really good time playing with you!

-Gordy Johnson

As I write in December 2013

at the pending close of Kenny Horst’s Artists' Quarter, many things come to mind … Over a number of years, Kenny created, in the mid-continent – for America’s and Minnesota’s Jazz Artists, and for us here in the audience – a venue for great jazz!

-Leigh Kamman

If you’ve never been to a REAL Jazz Club

now you have. I’ve traveled all over the world since the 1930’s and this is as good as I’ve seen. It feels like you’re in New York.

-Harry "Sweets" Edison

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